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Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park
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Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest national park. Nestling in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park lies mainly, Almoua & Pawii garhwal. The head office of the park is in the town of Ramnagar Jim Corbett National Park is famous for its wildlife and the site for launching project tiger. Jim Corbett National Park & the sonandi sanctuary forms the Corbett tiger reserve. During the 19th century much of the indigenous sal forest in this area were cleared and teak planted to provide timber of the burgeoning railway system of India.

This rich hunting ground was first protected by Major Ramsey who in 1858 banned forming and cattle grazing in the lower patlidam valley which today forms a large partition the Corbett tiger reserve. This protection was extended & strengthened in 1879 when the forest department declared it a reserve forest . Several attempts were made during the early 20th century to make this into a game sanctuary which finally happened in 1936. When governor Malcolm Hailey created India's first and world's third national park. Hailey national park as it was then known covered 325 Sq Km and major James E Corbett was one of the key consultants in deciding its boundaries. His key role and contributing to the preservation of its unique wildlife was renamed in his honor in 1957 two years after his death.

In 1973 Corbett was the first sanctuary to come under tiger reserve. The terrain is hilly, ranging from 600 - 1100m above sea level, consists of mixed deciduous forests of sal and sheesham trees and the ubiquitous lantana bush and open grassy pastures known as chaurs. The chaurs make up around one tenth of the core area and make ideal grazing land for the parks large population of wild elephants. The park is home to around 580 bird species, 50 mammals and at least 25 rap[tiles species, including the indian python, cobra & krait.

Jim Corbett National Park covers an area of 1318.54 Sq Km and include within it Corbett national park which is 520.82 Sq Km and Sonandhi wildlife Sanctuary which is 301.18 sq. Km and kalagarh reserve forest which is 496.5 Sq km.

Time To Visit: The best time to visit Jim Corbett National park is between Mid-Nov to April.
STD Code : 05945 (Ramnagar)
Climate: The Maximum temperature of Jim Corbett National park is 18.00°C and Minimum temperature of Jim Corbett National park is 7.60°C . Annual Rainfall is 1,294.5 mm
Attraction: Major attractions of Jim Corbett National park are :
Tigers, Leopards, Crocodiles, Deer, Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Fishing cat, Sloth Bear is found in the lower regions of the park and many more. Elephants are among one of the main attractions of Jim Corbett Park. Langur and Rhesus Monkeys are found widely in jim Corbett National Park giving alarms when seeing a Tiger or Loopard from tree-top perches.

Flora & Fauna
Jim corbett national park is an old favorite and for good reason—it is India's oldest and the world's third-oldest game sanctuary. Though 140 tigers supposedly roam the 1,300 sq km park, the chances of sighting elephants are much higher. Even if the tiger remains elusive, you might still be able to spot leopards, sloth bear, black bear, deer, gharial and mugger crocodiles. Anglers can spend many a happy hour fishing in the Ramganga, Kosi, Mandal and Kothri rivers, provided they obtain a special permit. Though visitors are not permitted to set foot, literally, in the forest, elephant rides are a popular option, and for those who love walking there's always the possibility of a hike in the buffer zone.


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